This book will surprise, confront and inspire you to take positive charge of your life. This personal real life story is deeply intriguing. It takes you inside another world where hardship, abuse, chaos and adversity proves that believing and trusting in oneself will positively change your life.

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Who are you not to flourish?

You will find yourself in this book, you will recognise the everyday human struggle. It will bring you through the darkest moments of the author’s story, into undeniable possibilities that promise to propel and uplift you. Reading A Flourishing Mind is freeing, as it leaves no place to hide. You cannot read this book and not face your own innermost feelings.

You can Expect to

  • Learn how to flourish even when adversity and hardship is present
  • Draw wisdom rather than wallow in life’s experiences
  • Create a strong desire to choose your thoughts, behaviours and values to stand up for what you believe in - be authentically you
  • Find a way to belong in the world and rid your self of old stories or baggage that are no longer useful

About The Author

Originally from the UK, now living in Western Australia with her husband of 18 years. Suzanne Waldron relishes in exploring cultures around the world, learning about and creating new and exciting opportunities in her business. Writing, coaching and speaking, she travels and reaches more people with her messages than ever before.

Having more than 8 years experience in coaching, Suzanne is well qualified to support her clients. Her qualifications include:

  • Internationally Accredited ICF Coach
  • Crisis Counsellor
  • Internationally Accredited Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Masters Degree in Applied Coaching

Whilst Suzanne knows these qualifications are important, it's the life lessons she's learned along the way that really qualifies her. Having had a difficult life for many years such as living with a foster family, leaving home at 15 years old, being homeless and having many difficult experiences through her teens and 20's - it's these experiences and lessons that inspired Suzanne to find the peace, happiness and success that she enjoys today.

She truly believes anything is possible. Time, effort and a belief in yourself just needs to be included!

Whilst the more change making side of the business sees Suzanne working to generate momentum, she also revels being on the stage and having fun with audiences! As an experienced and sought after speaker, MC & Facilitator, Suzanne thrives on taking an event to the next level whilst spreading key messages about what 'can be done' in life!

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A very brave, moving and extraordinary memoir

- Penni Pike, former Executive PA to Sir Richard Branson

Suzanne Waldron's book 'A Flourishing Mind' is a truly brave, honest, emotional but oh so optimistic and hopeful account of humanity, in all its forms. Through her personal journey & challenges, Suzanne shares with us her learnings with a spirit of abundance & with a wisdom well beyond her years. I have been touched and inspired by this story, as I am by its author. I am certain that everyone who reads this book will be similarly inspired to be the best version of themselves - to indeed flourish! A must read for all that believe that we can learn & be enriched by the experiences of others

- Rabia Siddique, Humanitarian, speaker, author

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